Sense of Direction


To lead a productive life, one needs to properly plan it. This is something to be done prior commencing the journey of life. Sadly there is no preparatory course for us before we take the physical form on this Earth. Probably this is the reason why we are not born as an educated adult. Every individual needs that growing-up phase in a protective environment when we learn things that will help us when we begin our actual journey of life. This is the time when we make a lot of mistakes, be it big or small, it is necessary to make mistakes so that we learn to distinguish between the right and the wrong. Often kids have a stubborn attitude when they are doing something wrong and they are told not to. Result of that sometimes they learn things the hard way. Though this disobedience should not be encouraged, but it is necessary for all children to behave that way initially so that the values they gain stay rock solid in their mind. Every individual is a sword in making.

Most of us are like the metal-ore, hard material, raw yet resisting the change. But, what if someone is clay? An obedient boy, strictly following the rules set by his guardians. Though he learns, what is right and wrong, quickly, his understanding is theoretical. ‘A man among boys’ is what he is known to be at a very young age. No tantrums, no mischief, a boy who knows how to behave and is aware of his responsibility. People actually consider him to be an idol; he isn’t popular, he isn’t a top achiever and yet people say “Be like him.” This is really sad because people don’t point out the mistake he is doing rather they encourage it. This is a kind of chronic illness which shows its symptoms years after…

’18’ is the number, the age which is decided to be the point where children are mature enough to be called as an Adult. This is the point where the learning phase is over and every individual is to begin with the actual journey of life. By this age most of the physical and mental development is complete and so since that point the flexibility of an individual to mentally mold to the change starts to reduce with age. At this point those sharp steel individuals start their journey cutting through air, water and rather anything that comes in their way. But, what of those who are clay; those who never had or acted on their self-opinion, all they did was follow orders. Can such individuals cut through anything that comes their way? it’s highly unlikely. In the beginning of the journey , unless they have sharps steels guiding them through, some of them ‘bend’, some of them ‘break’ and some of them ‘loose the sense of direction’. This is the story of one such ‘tool’ who is lost in his journey of life.

As curious our minds are we can compare, relate and find patterns in anything. One famous example is Astrology, a study collaboration of Astro(nomy and Psycho)logy. I believe that Astrology is not hoax, rather something very sensible field of study, but let’s not talk about that.

Getting back on the topic, I was saying, rather a question; how can a person of age 20+ be lost in life not knowing what to do next? I want to answer this by relating life with Geometry. All of us have memories of the past; good-bad, happy-sad. Irrespective of the theme, some of the memories are vital points in making future decisions. Considering our life to be a plane, the learning is the initial phase where all our memories are scattered as individual points. While making a career choice we look at those scattered points and all of a sudden a pattern emerges. Joining some specific points a line is drawn, after this deciding the future career is simply extending this line to make it a ray, which gives the direction to ones life.

Here, lost are the ones who never identified the points, never recognized the pattern, never draw a line, never extended that line to take a solid decision. This is exactly what he did, he never made his choice but chose what others told him to. Little did he knew then, that those who helped him take the decision won’t support him all the way. And so he started running blindly, he managed to tackle a few hurdles initially until a big wave came and washed him away. Life is a journey in a dark place, unless you have held the hand of a beacon of light, you are bound to get lost, and so he did.

This clay person needs to be molded, fire-hardened and made strong self-directed steel. So following are the post for you to correct yourself and get a proper sense of direction and a foundation to build up yourself.


-Karan Raote