Do not believe it is a Coincidence

Chaitra 7, 1938

Say you decide to walk to a temple. It’s a long road and while walking you are thinking of some lines; a story, a poem or just simple rhyme. You are lost in your own though and the lines that are coming to you are independent of what you see around, along your way. Prior leaving your house you are in a dilemma whether to buy sweets or not. But then you choose not to as that is your usual practice. You start slow and steady thinking every line, noting it down at various interval if and when you come up with a bunch of them. Though you are aware of the surround and are taking all the necessary precautions to stay safe, you have no idea as an where are you at the moment, on which point of the road. As your lines progress you randomly decide to make a food reference and the precise words you choose is ‘end with sweet’. At the very same moment you realize that there is the sweet mart, in front of you. The way you interpret this message given by your mind is, you decide to end the lines you were thinking about and you go ahead and buy sweets irrespective of what you decided initially. Next, you continue your walk to the temple. There at a shoe keeping stall you handover you shoes and in return you get a token with number. The number is ’11’. The significance of this number is that eleven represents legs. When someone says that I came by bus no. 11 it means that he came walking. Then you go in the temple, you come out and return home in just a regular normal way.

In this story there are two things that happened are of significance. ‘the moment you think of sweet, there is a sweet mart in front of you’ and ‘after you have walked a long road, it is acknowledged when you get a 11 no. token.’ Here the events are not important but the interpretation. There are many ways in which you might interpret this; one is that you were actually looking and because of that the though came you about sweets, another alternative is there actually is a higher power giving secret messages in order to tell you, “That’s the way to do it.” or “Well done.” or simply it is coincidence. Coincidence as defined is a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.  Now my question to you is which interpretation will you choose.

We humans are a pattern recognizing creatures, it gives us a sense of satisfaction when we successfully recognize a pattern in most illogical things. We hate chaos and coincidences are chaotic as they say “there is no connection between two said events.” Even though this might be true sometimes it is right to prefer what satisfies you over what is logical. Primarily because if you think it is coincidence, you will just discard the thought and move on but if you think there is more to it, at the least it will make that day of yours a little bit brighter. Also it might help you to take confident decisions without being stuck in a dilemma. Finding pattern in occurring events is what keeps your mind active and so believe me when I say, “Don’t believe it is a coincidence. It is just an easy excuse out.”

Just make sure that you keep these small things to yourself and not use them as examples to make other believe in existence of a superior power. People like to contradict and so only outcome that can result of you sharing it is you getting dejected hearing their response.




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