Plane of Truth

Chaitra K 13, 1938

You need to believe that every action performed by anyone is justified when looked at it from a different perspective, a different point of view, call it a different ‘plane of truth’. (The fact that such an action is permitted to occur, means that it is justified.)

To explain this let’s take an example of animal slaughter. This is a fictional story of a chat between a Man and God.

Plane of Truth

I have committed a sin,
for this I must pay.
“What should I do?”, I asked God,
this is what he had to say.

“You were being really selfish.
Would you gut a man like a fish?
So what, it asked you to do it,
Doesn’t mean you should agree to hit.

I know you did this for your family,
to feed them cause they were hungry.
Don’t you know it’s wrong in this community,
You have made a lot of people angry.

On purpose I’ve made this food chain,
to make other’s pleasure, one’s pain.
Following the law of Nature you might be right then,
But, that’s a valid Truth on another reference plane.

Explanation: A man has carried out animal slaughter and he knows that it is wrong. So he asks god a way out of it. God then explains him using planes of truth.

  • The man was selfish to kill someone for food, so it is wrong.
  • The man did this to feed his family who might die of hunger if they don’t eat, so it is right.
  • But the rules of the community he lives in, don’t agree to animal slaughter, so it is wrong.
  • The food chain has been created on purpose to have a controlled growth of life and that man was following just the law of nature, so it’s right.

Here God hasn’t given the solution to his problem but he has explained the situation. All the above points are valid when you look at them from a different plane of truth.
Now it’s up-to the Mankind to decide which of the above points to accept and which to be discarded.

This message I am trying to give through this post is that no matter what decisions you take, it is right so long as you believe in it and have a valid explanation. Don’t bother when others contradict you because they will always do as they are looking at the situation or the act from a different point of view.





Chaitra K 11, 1938

I want to start by saying that running is important for you.

As you know that the world is very complex. Not just scientific explanation of structure of the universe but your life itself keeps you tied up mentally. It’s like a ball of woolen thread, constantly coiling and uncoiling based on the decisions you take every moment. No matter how much you try to simplify your life, it will always keep you tangled, until of course you reach the end of the thread. At times this emotional tugging in you mind due to various life experiences gets frustrating, you just feel like running away. Though this thought of escaping the situation is mental, physical running can help.

‘Running away from problems is the sign of a coward.’ You must have heard this quote at least once when you wished to get out of a problematic situation. But nobody likes to be refereed as a coward, which is why you might have continued to endure pain of thousand piercing needles just to escape shame. Though some times these struggles pay off in the end, but there are other times when they don’t. You got through a difficult situation, then what? what did you learn? did it help you in any way? maybe not. Sometimes encountering with a difficult situation is where the universe is telling that you might have gone off track and it’s time to go where you belong. But how to know the difference? When you come across an obstacle, just look past it to see if on the other side of this hurdle is your true goal. If ‘Yes’, then you need to cut through the resistance but if not, it is wise to take a leap on the other road, even if it pushes you a few steps back. Here I am trying to tell you how running away isn’t wrong. But that isn’t the focus of this post.

I want talk about actual physical running. Every thing runs, even the photons which somehow make up this vast ever so complex universe run, aimlessly as fast as they can. Running is good, helpful, it not just have physical benefits but mental too.

Take a dive deep in your mind how running affects your mind. You start with the starting point, standing still, steadying waiting for yourself to begin. All you need to do is to take a step, but you don’t. There is a barrier stopping you, all your problems putting a leash, keeping you where you are. You want to shut your eyes to get ride of those problems but you don’t as you fear that it might give you a nightmare. Still I suggest you to blink for a brief so the moment you open your eyes you realize that at present, there is nothing holding you back.


Lost, dejected, chaotic, whatever your mental state be,

Close your eyes a moment, for you to clearly see.

All problems in your life, are only in your mind,

When you came here for a run, you’ve left them all behind.


Then breaking your inertia you take the first step. The time you place your feet on the new ground, you feel it to be heavy, extremely heavy and you shiver as you are uncertain if this ground is capable of holding your weight. You still have your other foot on the original point and you feel the urge to take the step back and get on the safe initial point. Experiencing the first step, you hesitate taking the other which makes it even more challenging. But then you do take the next step,


You slightly dip your toe first, to taste the new unknown waters,

You feel the chills that makes you scared but your shivers make it hotter.

Comfortable or not, you take the leap of faith is all that matters,

The tougher next step when you take, your phobias immediately scatter.

Next step… and the next you take as you get comfortable with this motion. As you gain more experience with each step, the gap between you steps slowly increase. Then you get in the rhythm as your hands move in synchronization with your legs. There is something all around you, opposing your run. Yet you tare through the resisting sheets of air as you are determined. As you increase your speed, you realize that the wind isn’t trying to stop you, but actually cheering/encouraging you to move faster.


Initially you might hate it, as you are troubled by the wind,

But rest assure it wants to help, it is while running, your friend.

You call wind ‘it’, might piss wind off, causing side-way tugs,

But once you realize, what is she, you’ll get all kisses and hugs.

Getting used to the running you start moving faster. Suddenly you might feel you feet are getting lighter. You no longer stomp the ground, rather simply push forward using friction. You adjust yourself into the ideal position of running i.e. linear foot step, hands in sync with legs, head bowed and eyes raised. You start riding the wind until it lifts you up, making you float in air. This is a very beautiful feeling, though momentary you can treasure it for eternity.

Once you start enjoying it and build a sufficient pace,

The wind, she comes and lifts you up, makes you float in space.

Riding the wind you feel as if, you’ve reached the heavenly sky,

Be it for a moment, this feeling you get you’ll remember till you die.


Don’t Sweat over Small Stuff

Chaitra K 10, 1938

Sometimes you might feel that life has become very complicated. That, one big problem has turned your life into a mess. That is the time when I want you to remember the title statement.

It is true that life is complex as there are many factors that influence you which can lead to big blunders. But, rest assured as the core of the problem is actually very small. It is only you fixating on that troublesome issue adds gravity to it. So even the neutral things start to bother you since you associate them with the core one. This can drop your mind into depression and other horrible things.

If and when you come across such a situation, I want you to get out of it by simplifying your life. Breaking down the issue into pieces and identify the core problem. Once you break it down, you will realize that there are some things that you actually enjoy but at the moment they were shadowed with the problem. Then, there are some things you might be neutral or undecided about, develop your opinion and stick to it. Then, there are the things that are bitter, you need to coat them with the favorable hobbies. Finally, to deal with the core problem, face it upfront while developing new options. Once you find one, do not hesitate to take the leap.

This way you can steer out of the situation rather than completely avoiding it. And as said before, don’t sweat on the small stuff.