Don’t Sweat over Small Stuff

Chaitra K 10, 1938

Sometimes you might feel that life has become very complicated. That, one big problem has turned your life into a mess. That is the time when I want you to remember the title statement.

It is true that life is complex as there are many factors that influence you which can lead to big blunders. But, rest assured as the core of the problem is actually very small. It is only you fixating on that troublesome issue adds gravity to it. So even the neutral things start to bother you since you associate them with the core one. This can drop your mind into depression and other horrible things.

If and when you come across such a situation, I want you to get out of it by simplifying your life. Breaking down the issue into pieces and identify the core problem. Once you break it down, you will realize that there are some things that you actually enjoy but at the moment they were shadowed with the problem. Then, there are some things you might be neutral or undecided about, develop your opinion and stick to it. Then, there are the things that are bitter, you need to coat them with the favorable hobbies. Finally, to deal with the core problem, face it upfront while developing new options. Once you find one, do not hesitate to take the leap.

This way you can steer out of the situation rather than completely avoiding it. And as said before, don’t sweat on the small stuff.



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