Plane of Truth

Chaitra K 13, 1938

You need to believe that every action performed by anyone is justified when looked at it from a different perspective, a different point of view, call it a different ‘plane of truth’. (The fact that such an action is permitted to occur, means that it is justified.)

To explain this let’s take an example of animal slaughter. This is a fictional story of a chat between a Man and God.

Plane of Truth

I have committed a sin,
for this I must pay.
“What should I do?”, I asked God,
this is what he had to say.

“You were being really selfish.
Would you gut a man like a fish?
So what, it asked you to do it,
Doesn’t mean you should agree to hit.

I know you did this for your family,
to feed them cause they were hungry.
Don’t you know it’s wrong in this community,
You have made a lot of people angry.

On purpose I’ve made this food chain,
to make other’s pleasure, one’s pain.
Following the law of Nature you might be right then,
But, that’s a valid Truth on another reference plane.

Explanation: A man has carried out animal slaughter and he knows that it is wrong. So he asks god a way out of it. God then explains him using planes of truth.

  • The man was selfish to kill someone for food, so it is wrong.
  • The man did this to feed his family who might die of hunger if they don’t eat, so it is right.
  • But the rules of the community he lives in, don’t agree to animal slaughter, so it is wrong.
  • The food chain has been created on purpose to have a controlled growth of life and that man was following just the law of nature, so it’s right.

Here God hasn’t given the solution to his problem but he has explained the situation. All the above points are valid when you look at them from a different plane of truth.
Now it’s up-to the Mankind to decide which of the above points to accept and which to be discarded.

This message I am trying to give through this post is that no matter what decisions you take, it is right so long as you believe in it and have a valid explanation. Don’t bother when others contradict you because they will always do as they are looking at the situation or the act from a different point of view.




2 thoughts on “Plane of Truth

  1. Hi Karan

    I just followed this blog through your profile on Quora. You write really well. Just curious what does Chaitra K 13, 1938 means.


    1. Thank you for spending time in reading the content I write.

      ‘Chaitra K13, 1938’ is something I write just for fun. It is the date I wrote the post, based on Hindu calendar. ‘Chaitra’ is the month, ’13’ is the date and ‘1938’ is the year.


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