Why do we remember?

Shravan S 7, 1938

  One fine morning, just another day or maybe not. Today feels different, brighter than usual. That is because your eyes are wide open busy staring at something. A super symmetrical red square box. Actually a combination of various shades of red, that flow on the outer surface of the box as if having a party. On it, a white ribbon neatly tied in a bow. The box is really appealing which makes you smile. But it isn’t the cover that attracts you since you rip apart the wrapper showing no affection to its bits left behind. You are curious to find out what’s inside. You open the box to see what’s inside and in that instant your smile widens. That thing inside the box, it’s something you wanted your entire life, well the life you’ve lived so far. You are at the peak of your happiness which makes you want to cheer, sing, dance, fly and explode into fireworks of million colors all at the same time. This feeling is something you will try expressing in thousand words to the next person you meet, but the person on receiving end won’t understand. At least not as exactly as you do.

That was a moment, now it has passed. You are calm and not as happy as you were before. Sure, recollecting that moment would give you instantaneous happiness, but it’s a mirage, it disappears quicker than it appeared. So here comes my question, why remember it?

You might have often heard people say, ‘live the moment’, ‘live in the moment’, ‘live the now because it indeed is a gift, that’s why it is called a present.’ I totally agree with the thought, but what confuses me is if this is the case, then why remember all what happened. We are beings of linear time and no matter how much we crave for it we cannot re-live the past, then why bother recording it in the memory. One might argue that memories help us learn, develop, grow and evolve. But why can’t we directly exist as we are today rather than growing into that person we see in the mirror? Humans are said to be evolved from apes, but no babies today are born as apes and grow into humans as we are.

The answer to that is, because we are not in one still painting, rather a series of many. We need to remember, our whole existence depends on it. All our memories, irrespective of the genre, are just messages, all screaming one simple thing, ‘You Exist!’  The reason I’m saying all this it to resolve one dilemma,

‘Pick only those memories from the heap of choices that motivate you to continue your existence.’

P.S.: The moral in the end might seem like a deal breaker if this is something you know already. If you are feeling it, that is because you have not understood my purpose behind this post.

As as child we all had our own fantasy world. But later as an adult most moved on while some continued to cling to their day dreams. To those, others strongly suggest or force to get out of their fictional dream and see the world as it is for real. Often then the dreamers get confused, lost not knowing which side is up. If you experience a similar thing, I suggest you only one thing, follow only what you believe, that what makes you happy. That is all that matters… Even the fictional characters doing fictional things in story books. They try to deliver same message through our memories, that they too exist.