Aren’t we all God?

Chaitra 5, 1938

Consider this,

“A young school going boy in a small village. One morning he goes to a temple. He has tears in his eyes as he rings a bell in the entrance.  Standing in front of an idol he joins his hands and with eyes shut he prays to the god in front of him. He prays for the well being of his parents who are right now in hospital fighting an illness. Both being in critical condition and the doctors doing all they can, the boy is helpless and all he can do is pray. While he is still in temple a friend comes running towards him, sadly to give him the news that both his parents passed away. Like many other villagers who were struck by this deadly disease, the doctors couldn’t save his parents too. Heartbroken, the boy doesn’t know what to do, he simply sits there in silences waiting for someone to come rescue him. Fortunately the friend’s father comes to the temple to pick up this grieving boy and takes him away. Since the boy has no other family, he is taken by his friend’s kind parents to the city where the boy continues his life.

While the boy’s parents were on the deathbed, the boy was helpless and had surrendered himself to god. But eventually the boy was disappointed that his parents didn’t got through the disease. That day was the last time the boy put his foot in a temple. Still, the guilt of being helpless ate him from inside every moment of his life and so he decided to become a doctor. His goal was set and with full determination he did his medical studies. A couple of decades later the boy became a successful doctor and not just that, he invented the cure to the disease that killed his parents.

As it turns out one day he treated a couple who was struck with the same deadly disease. Achieving success in saving them he walks out to tell the good news to their son. Hearing that, the patient’s son joins hands thanking him and calls him the savior of his parents, the boy calls him ‘God’.”


A possible moral of this story can be that ‘if anything bad happens in your life then that happens only so that greater good can come out it later.’ You may agree with this or not, but that isn’t the point I am trying to make here. Though such life event can happen or might have already happened, but the story I wrote above is completely fictional, I made this up just now. What I am trying to say here is,

  • In this scenario, am I not the God since I am the one who wrote this story?
  • I believe that this boy exists and so I know that he exists, but does the boy know that the author i.e. I exist?
  • I know that the boy was going through big problem when he was in the temple, but did I help him in any way to save his parents?
  • Why should I feel angry at the boy knowing that he grew up believing that I don’t exist since I wanted him to be that way?
  • Why should I feel the need to prove my existence in this story by doing something miraculous? Wasn’t the story good on its own without my participation?

If you have read this carefully, the answers you yourself will give to the questions will make you realize that each of us is God. We are God to every fictional character we make or every world, where the story happens, we create. Doesn’t this mean that, if we consider ourselves to be characters in a story, God exists. A super-power entity who monitors and controls every event in the Universe, including this one, i.e. me typing.

I don’t mean to sway your opinion to either sides of the topic Existence of God, or that your lifestyle should change depending on your belief. The only thing I expect from you is to not have arrogance in your belief, a desperate need to prove the other party in this debate, wrong! I do mean offence if you show arrogance in your belief that God does not exist, still I am trying to be as polite as possible. It is fine if you don’t believe that God exists so as to avoid yourself from surrendering to this superpower every-time you encounter a problem but if you don’t believe in his existence just because he didn’t help you when you needed him the most, then THAT IS WRONG! Just understand this,

God need not be good and yet he exists. God need not help you and yet he exists. God need not prove his presence and yet he exists. You believe in him or not and yet he exists. He exists because each one of us is God and we exist. My intention behind writing this post isn’t to give my opinion on this topic of existence of God. I wrote this post as a support to my earlier post where I told you to believe that everything is possible i.e. have faith in fiction.

P.S.: After reading this post if you have a sudden urge to argue that I refer to God as he which makes me gender biased, just let me clarify. Since I said that everyone is God and that includes me. And since I am a male, in this case I referred to god as he considering me to be the God.


What’s in the Name?

Chaitra 4, 1938

Haven’t it happen sometime in your past life that someone has complimented you and because of that you are motivated to live up to that compliment all the time. Initially you force it but with repetition you start doing it subconsciously as if it becomes a part of your personality. That compliment can be “you are so polite.”, “you are so hygienic.” or “you are so good at math.” and then you try to be that henceforth. Can’t the same apply to your name? That is the point I am trying to make in this post.

What if someone says to you,

“You are particularly lively and sociable, extroverted and extremely communicative. You are a likable person, due to your gentle, peaceful demeanor combined your sensitivity and love of humanity.”,

…when you are a child and growing up. (Maybe not all at one but short compliments followed by your actions.) Different people say this again and again to you whenever they meet. Is it possible that eventually you end up being that kind of a person?

I’ll go ahead and answer it with ‘Yes’. There are many factors that molds your personality and one of those factors is ‘what others say to you or call you’. Especially when said by your parents, close relatives and good friends.

But these lines are too long, difficult to remember and impossible to say it every time. How about we use a substitute, lets take that word to be ‘Karan’. So whenever someone call’s you Karan what they actually mean is everything above. (in bold-italic letters)
(The meaning of name Karan)

Does this work? I think it does.

What I am try to tell you here is that your Name isn’t a mere tag other people use to identify you. Every word has a hidden meaning/set of instructions which your mind subconsciously understands and accordingly you develop yourself. People might say that we build our personality around our name, but, actually it could be other way round, that our name is what defines our personality.

So when someone asks you, ‘What’s in a name?’

(image source: google)
The answer should be ‘Everything’.

I would also like to go ahead and say that this is the reason why our name is (should be) decided based on our birth date and time. Horoscope defines our personality and our Name facilitates us to be that person.


Subject of Interest

Chaitra 4, 1938

There is infinite amount of knowledge compiled by humans over a span of many centuries. Tough this knowledge is infinitesimally small compared to the actual knowledge of universe, even this tiny-tinny bit of knowledge cannot be learn by one person in one lifetime, which why I say to be infinite. Due to human limitation you will have to do smart learning. Smart learning is where you have to know little bit about everything and in-depth knowledge about some specific subjects that interest you.

The way to approach this kind of learning is to consider a lotus flower. A lotus flower has many petals and are arranged in many layers from inside to outside.


Consider that every petal holds some amount of information about a particular subject. The outer petals have general and basic information but when you go inwards, the information becomes detailed. Different entry points from the outer petals are dedicated to different subjects. I suggest you keep a personal database of knowledge be it physical or digital, in form of a lotus.

Next thing you need to understand is which subjects to be chosen for in-depth knowledge and understanding. To choose the subject you need to ask yourself the question, “what is that thing defines me correctly?” People from different fields of interest can define themselves perfectly, the only thing changes is perspective be it biological, psychological, artistic or mathematical. From all these approaches you need to choose which one appeals you the most. Usually this attraction should come from within you, based on your true nature. But at-times this attraction to a particular subject is lost due to some strong factors affecting your core nature.

There are many factors that affect a person’s nature. One of the common factors that affect every individual are the position of celestial bodies in space. Though people might argue that it is all hoax, you must believe that it is true. Not because there is definitive proof that this is accurate but because you need it to be true. Though these are weak influencing factors but they exist. Other stronger influencing factors are the people surrounding you; be it your parents, close relatives, friends, acquaintance etc. Based on how much strong bond you share with that person and how frequent is your interaction, influences your nature in a way being similar to that person’s if he/she is good with you or contrasting to that person’s if he/she is bad with you. Another influencing factor is your ‘Name’, more specifically, ‘what people call you’ molds your personality. (More about this I will tell you in future post.) Another small factor are the things made you to see, hear or read. Say like newspaper or movies or TV shows which you watch unaware of what you might learn from them. But this is a minor distraction since you will like/dislike what you see based on who you truly are. This incoming content will only amplify who you are in most cases.

Now, to know your actual subject of interest you need to get rid of these external influences as much as possible for some time at least. Select, say half an hour of everyday, a time when you stay alone not doing anything. You need to meditate to let go all influencing thoughts of the day and focus on understanding who you truly are, what are the things you would want you to know? what are the skills you would want you to have? Ignoring what others expect from you, who do you want to see yourself be? Obviously you won’t be able to answer these questions instantly, but you might get some hint or guess.

Next, you will have to give it a go in order to see if this is the thing you want to do. Make a task, a very short one related to that subject. That could be reading a piece of information or a quick exercise related to that subject. Perform that task and then think about it. The information gained by you about that subject will be very little but if that is the subject where your interest lies then you will be able to apply this little information at many places which will enable you to learn more all by yourself without reading the next bit of information. Being able to do this will also give you a sense of satisfaction to your soul. Further you will feel the growing hunger in you to know more about without someone else teaching it to you. If no such thing happens then you need to move on to another option and keep on searching until you find your Subject of Interest.


Faith in Fiction

Chaitra 2, 1938

Imagine a young boy just sitting outside on a playground on one pleasant morning. There is a slight chill in the air which is being blown gently by a breeze. This pleasant air is brushing by the boy’s skin, who is wearing just an half sleeved T-shirt and shorts, making him feel cold. But the sun has just risen illuminating the land and a part of it’s light is falling on the boy giving him warmth. This combination of warm and chill method makes the boy happy for a moment.  It is a holiday though sadly none of his friends have come to play. Disappointed he stands up to leave when something catches his attention. Not far from where he is standing, there is a bird flying in the air. It’s a not so big bird with a combination color dark blue-black, not knowing the name of it, is doing all sorts of amusing aerial tricks. Considering that boy’s age, it isn’t that he is seeing a bird in flight for the first time. But, not being a bird enthusiast, this is the first time he has actually paid attention to that activity which  fascinates him. He has studied history for many years but this is the moment where is truly understands what it means to be free. Freedom from being earth-bound and being able of moving in all directions at will.

“I want to leave the ground, I want to touch the sky,                                                                                             I want to ride the wind, I wish that I want to fly.”

This is what he says out loud seeing the bird. He doesn’t care that nobody is around to hear him nevertheless he wants to say it. He wants to get those words out in the open so that if such a thing as God exists, he might fulfill his wish.

Sure kids are believes but at his age, he wasn’t blinded from the truth. If God can’t or won’t fulfill his wish, then it is fine because he knew the two next best things who will. So, immediately he shared his wish with his parents. His parents were supersized to hear his unusual wish as he never insisted them to grant him with wings. It is as if he knows that this is a wish his parents can’t fulfill. But his father promised him anyway, this his wish will be fulfilled one day.

Though they agreed to it, the father was confused as how to make their son’s wish come true. Eventually they chose to do the most practical thing. A month later they went for a trip far from home and while returning they came by flight. They hoped that flying in an airplane might quench their son’s thirst for flying. After a couple of hours of flying, they landed and then in the ride back home, his mother asked if he enjoyed flying. This is what the son replied,

“This is not flying. Sure we were in air but we were still grounded, if not by earth but by the airplane floor.  Flying isn’t just about the action but the feeling one gets while doing that activity. The freedom that you feel every time your feet get lifted over the ground even though it tries to pull you down. The feeling of freedom you get when you feel the wind on your skin which pushes you up in assistance to go higher. You have gone high enough that you feel as if you are touching the sky, that is what truly means to be free.”

Hearing this from their son, the parents were confused as what to say next. Then suddenly the mother replied, “Write it! If you want to fly then write down about flying on a paper. The more you write the more you will feel as if you are flying.”


What I am trying to tell you from the story is that if you embrace fiction, then your abilities, things you are able to do, are limited only by your imagination. Sure you need to with logic and scientifically, but you also need to keep and open mind. There are many people out there who are trying to sell fiction for fact, don’t fall for that. You should believe that everything is possible but you need to have wisdom to separate the fiction from fact.

Generally people will always prefer and suggest to think realistically. “Get out of your fantasy world and believe in only what you see.” is what they will say. But you need not agree with them. The reason for that is, these days more we read about scientific findings more we realize that the world isn’t the way it appears. We don’t see, hear, or feel things because they are there, it is our brain’s way to make sense of things based on the electric signals received from various sensory body parts.

The reason I tell you to believe in fiction is to keep an open mind. Don’t let your mind be rigid after learning scientific facts which have a possibility to be disapproved in the coming years. I don’t mean that you should be superstitious but you need to keep in mind that even that this is possible. Believe in existence of super power, don’t be an ‘a…’, I don’t even want to use the term. Have faith in God, you don’t want to piss him off.

Now, the way this concept works is, believe that everything is possible. Even the stupidest thing you or anybody can think of is possible. The fact that you can imagine it means that it exists. It is possible somewhere somewhen if not now, here. Just remember one thing, if you want to be big in life then you have to keep your feet firmly set on the ground, but also you must try to reach out your hand to touch the sky.


Starting Point

Chaitra S 1, 1938

This is my blog where I give opinion about various things whenever I come across them. But the way I share my view is by giving an advice to me in a second person’s prospective. The reason for this approach is that whenever we feel confused in a situation we find a solution for it by ourselves and yet it is much more comforting and trustworthy if the same solution comes from someone else.  So hence forth I will write the content addressing it to “you”.

First thing I would like to talk about is the starting point. This isn’t the first post, the initial one established the reason for writing this blog. That is more like ‘post zero’ and this is where the blog posts actually begin. The reason I want to stress on the importance of starting point is because of what I just read looking at the mirror,

“When you feel like quitting, just remember why you started.”

You start something new because you have some idea as an what you expect to get out of it. The expectation is pretty clear and you start working on it. But with passage of time this idea fades and the primary reason that drives you to do that thing is the amount of interest you feel while doing that particular action. So if for some reason you are unable to get satisfactory results from it, then it is normal that you would want to stop doing it. That is when you have to remember the above statement in quotes so that you keep on going, dissatisfied and yet pushing yourself to do that thing nevertheless.

For this motivational method to work effective you need to remember not just ‘why’ but also ‘when you started?’, re-living the first memory and bringing back the attitude you had while commencing that new activity. This is the reason why you need to have a beginning on a special occasion.

To give an example, today is Gudhi Padwa, the first day of Chaitra month from the luni-solar Hindu  calendar. Basically it marks the commencement of a new year. This is a very good time to actually start this blog and so I did.

I have told you the importance of the starting point, now I will tell you what to do, i.e. initial planning of any activity in general.


  • First decide as an what you want to achieve from that activity. Choose the most fantastic achievement you can think of. No matter how hypothetical or impossible to achieve it might be. Make a note of it somewhere because you will need to update it based on the new things you might learn or you will need to refresh your memory in case the objective becomes hazy.
  •  Then from that point of ‘fantastic achievement’ you need to take and anticlimactic approach and go step by step down to decide and define the lesser achievements. Each of these achievements will be a milestone you need to place at regular time intervals. You will have to achieve these goals within the prescribed time. These milestones will give you the necessary motivation to keep on doing a certain activity.
  • Next thing you need to do is to schedule your activity. The schedule should be daily-weekly-monthly basis and finally annual, but that is a long shot. For daily basis you need an activity which you can practice on a regular basis. If possible you should be able to do that activity, any where and any time. The activity decided should be such that it should not feel the need to have a dedicated time slot for itself. On the weekly basis you need to decide a specific syllabus which needs to be covered in that fixed time of 6-7 days and in the end revise the things you learned. On the monthly basis you need to check your progress and make a not of it for future reference. If you have been consistent all this time you should be sufficiently skillful in that particular activity by the end of an year.
  • While proceeding with any activity you need to gather more information about it. Preferably that information should be in form of stories. This is because psychologically we understand and remember information much better when we get it in form of stories. This is why you need to read reference novels and news and preferable make a record of it in an appropriate place. These stories can also partially act as motivation or experience points.
  • Create your own database where you will collect information from various source and then use the same to learn things. Also you can create a daily log where you can record the specific things you did on that day.

Though this is initial planning which you will have to refer rarely in the future, you can always add more points to it as you come up with. All this being said you need to,

“I will try my best to adhere to this initial planning while I carry out a certain activity so as to get best result of of it. This is my resolution.”

Happy New Year!

Sense of Direction


To lead a productive life, one needs to properly plan it. This is something to be done prior commencing the journey of life. Sadly there is no preparatory course for us before we take the physical form on this Earth. Probably this is the reason why we are not born as an educated adult. Every individual needs that growing-up phase in a protective environment when we learn things that will help us when we begin our actual journey of life. This is the time when we make a lot of mistakes, be it big or small, it is necessary to make mistakes so that we learn to distinguish between the right and the wrong. Often kids have a stubborn attitude when they are doing something wrong and they are told not to. Result of that sometimes they learn things the hard way. Though this disobedience should not be encouraged, but it is necessary for all children to behave that way initially so that the values they gain stay rock solid in their mind. Every individual is a sword in making.

Most of us are like the metal-ore, hard material, raw yet resisting the change. But, what if someone is clay? An obedient boy, strictly following the rules set by his guardians. Though he learns, what is right and wrong, quickly, his understanding is theoretical. ‘A man among boys’ is what he is known to be at a very young age. No tantrums, no mischief, a boy who knows how to behave and is aware of his responsibility. People actually consider him to be an idol; he isn’t popular, he isn’t a top achiever and yet people say “Be like him.” This is really sad because people don’t point out the mistake he is doing rather they encourage it. This is a kind of chronic illness which shows its symptoms years after…

’18’ is the number, the age which is decided to be the point where children are mature enough to be called as an Adult. This is the point where the learning phase is over and every individual is to begin with the actual journey of life. By this age most of the physical and mental development is complete and so since that point the flexibility of an individual to mentally mold to the change starts to reduce with age. At this point those sharp steel individuals start their journey cutting through air, water and rather anything that comes in their way. But, what of those who are clay; those who never had or acted on their self-opinion, all they did was follow orders. Can such individuals cut through anything that comes their way? it’s highly unlikely. In the beginning of the journey , unless they have sharps steels guiding them through, some of them ‘bend’, some of them ‘break’ and some of them ‘loose the sense of direction’. This is the story of one such ‘tool’ who is lost in his journey of life.

As curious our minds are we can compare, relate and find patterns in anything. One famous example is Astrology, a study collaboration of Astro(nomy and Psycho)logy. I believe that Astrology is not hoax, rather something very sensible field of study, but let’s not talk about that.

Getting back on the topic, I was saying, rather a question; how can a person of age 20+ be lost in life not knowing what to do next? I want to answer this by relating life with Geometry. All of us have memories of the past; good-bad, happy-sad. Irrespective of the theme, some of the memories are vital points in making future decisions. Considering our life to be a plane, the learning is the initial phase where all our memories are scattered as individual points. While making a career choice we look at those scattered points and all of a sudden a pattern emerges. Joining some specific points a line is drawn, after this deciding the future career is simply extending this line to make it a ray, which gives the direction to ones life.

Here, lost are the ones who never identified the points, never recognized the pattern, never draw a line, never extended that line to take a solid decision. This is exactly what he did, he never made his choice but chose what others told him to. Little did he knew then, that those who helped him take the decision won’t support him all the way. And so he started running blindly, he managed to tackle a few hurdles initially until a big wave came and washed him away. Life is a journey in a dark place, unless you have held the hand of a beacon of light, you are bound to get lost, and so he did.

This clay person needs to be molded, fire-hardened and made strong self-directed steel. So following are the post for you to correct yourself and get a proper sense of direction and a foundation to build up yourself.


-Karan Raote